case study: INCLUDE Ltd. // Manufacturing
Steora Smart Bench
How the smart bench manufacturer switched to Backstore for their inventory management needs.
Smart benches manufactured by Include are to be found at every corner of the world.
The Include Ltd has been incorporated by Ivan Mrvos from Solin. As a high school student, he came up with the idea of creating so-called smart bench. Although he was initially working on testing the prototype of special chair for coffee shops that glows in dark, comments from potential customers helped him to realize numerous disadvantages that such product has. However, from that feedback came an even better idea that is nowadays slowly taking over the world.

The smart bench was introduced in 2015. Back then Include was the only company in the world that specialized and focused only on development, production and sales of smart benches.

The company has soon been recognized by the broad community. Business Daily has singled out their project as most innovative product in Croatia and Croatian Chamber of Commerce awarded them as the best small entrepreneurs.
How does a smart bench work?
The smart bench is a solar powered device that can charge your cell phones, tablets and laptops, has wireless internet, and also serves as a lighting in the evening and at night.

To be specific, a smart bench draws the energy of the sun through its solar panels placed underneath the seat. This energy is stored in bench's own battery system and is later on used for the aforementioned functions. The bench is managed by a unique control panel developed by Include. Controller monitors power generation versus power consumption and automatically enables certain functions of the bench depending on the circumstances.
An increasing number of orders throughout Croatia and the world, encouraged them to use the Backstore
As the number of customers and orders around the world has increased, so has the need for adequate software to help the team with handling vast number of quotes and invoices.

"We have been invoicing manually, most often using Microsoft Word, which took us a lot of time, made it difficult to track and also resulted in frequent mistakes. We knew we had to make a change because the number of documents we were supposed to handle became too big. We heard about Backstore from our partners in Split and they recommended it to us," says Ivana Pelivan, Financial Manager at Include.
With real time features like manufacturing orders, we can control the stock supply from anywhere in the world.
Backstore cloud solution has dramatically reduced the paperwork in this innovative startup and has definitely shown its effectiveness. More importantly it has solved the issue of inventory management.

Once Include receives an order for the smart bench, they already know in which time frame they can deliver the product.

The team records all purchases that are now automatically linked to the Backstore warehouse. They can see the current real time supply of materials and detect what needs to be purchased for the bench production and according to the delivery plan.
We begin the manufacturing process by defining the bill of materials: what parts and materials need to be joined to create a smart bench. Each new manufacturing order automatically reduces the stock supply and alerts us of material shortage. Using Backstore, we have solved the problem of managing the inventory and have significantly accelerated the procurement process.
Ivana Pelivan
Financial Manager at Include
What really helps businesses like Include is a documented timeline for each of the materials and semi-products needed to create a final product - a smart bench. Every team member has quotes, invoices, purchases, manufacturing orders, write-offs and other documents centralized and available in the Backstore cloud.

The ease of use and powerful features like manufacturing orders were deciding factor in choosing Backstore to support the smart bench production business.

Given the company has big plans for aggressive market expansion in the near future, Backstore has been implemented at the right time.